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Machu Picchu & The Selfie Culture That’s Ruining It

I’m going to rant about selfies again. Sorry I’m not sorry.

It’s Time to Retire the Airline Safety Briefing

“Ladies and gentleman, please pay attention to the following worthless rubbish.”

For VICE: Trump Just Killed Mexican Craft Beer

Spent an evening with a Mex. City brewer. Surprise surprise, he’s not thrilled about America’s new President.

Required Listening: The Struts

I’m allowed to love music, even if I’m epically hopeless at making it

Build Temples In the Sky, Because Why TF Not

This is how all buildings (and life) should be done

Testing Terrible Grocery Store Sushi in Mexico

I have committed to researching all facets of Mexican life. Or, at least those I feel like testing on a random tipsy whim.

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Dustland Fairy Tales

Stories from abroad by Malcolm Freberg.

All the joy and scares and barely believable nonsense you can find after stepping out your front door, and some other written work besides.

Gratuitous drinking mentions throughout.

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The best timed, ahem, accident ever

Required Listening: ‘Sound of Silence’ by Disturbed

Leather + Bad Piercings + Simon & Garfunkel = Magic

48 After 7.1: A Lesson Learned From Mexico City’s Fatal Quake

Your presence costs nothing, but means everything

For Thrillist: Terrible Advice On ‘Survivor’ Preparation

If this strategy works out, I get 5% of your winnings

The Drinking Trick That Ruined A South African Relationship

Just destroying couples with liquor. NBD.

  • When you go out for Monday Night Football in Bangkok, its actually 10am on Tuesday. The aggressive drink orders are the same though
  • Pro tip: do not feed wild monkeys bananas. Seriously. You will lose 2-3 fingers in the process.
  • Life doesn't suck @perris_elle
  • Dreaming about bad dance moves...
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