For EA: How Is Runescape Still A Thing?

A love letter to my teenage obsession

Time To Read: 7 mins | December 27, 2016


I was the coolest f*cking middle-schooler.

I wore a pooka shell necklace. I owned a very respectable collection of Beanie Babies, as well as Blink 182’s Enema of the State. My shoes could deploy wheels from their heels on command, letting me roll around the school hallways like the voice-cracking pimply-faced badass I was. 

And almost every night after my parents fell asleep, I would sneak downstairs, turn on the family’s extremely terrible Dell computer, log on the shitty DSL, and play Runescape for hours.

The full article can be read here. Also, while I adore my editor at EA, I want the record to show that I neither chose the embeds nor wrote their captions.


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