Required Listening: Moody, Dark & Emo For The Nighttime

Everyone’s got a little goth kid in them

Time To Read: 3 mins | July 20, 2017

I like happy things. Unicorns and rainbows and whoa that sentence got really flamboyant really fast. Let me start over:

What I mean is, I prefer to keep things upbeat. Yes, the world is full of pain and suffering and Kardashian spin-off shows, but why focus on that when there’s also dancing and fireworks and beer? I’m by no means implying we bury our heads in the sand regarding our problems, but when we’re not figuring out tax paperwork or writing long emails to save doomed relationships, we might as well be happy.

Most of my music reflects that. 9/10 playlists are obnoxiously chipper, full of stupid cliché lyrics and happy sounding notes. By the way, “happy sounding notes” is the extent of my ability to describe music. But because that’s a mouthful and makes me look even more foolish than I already feel, I usually just refer to what I failed to describe as ‘light’ music.


But that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally listen to the ‘dark’ stuff too.

Again, I don’t have better words to explain it. It’s just the slower, moodier, grimmer tracks. Not for driving down a coastal highway during a sunny day; more for playing when you’re brooding in a dark room, possibly alone, and maybe a little horny.

I like naming playlists, and they usually fall into the idea of light or dark that I just described. For example, my latest ‘light’ list is called ‘Egg in the Sky’. Because the sun looks like a… you get it.

Thus the converse of that, the ‘dark’ playlist presented below, is ‘Nasty Hobbits’. Which is a reference you, as a cultured human, should understand:


photo: broods, who you can find in the playlist below. they were chosen for the cover for two reasons: ‘coattails’ is my favorite on the list, and no picture of a music duo has ever encapsulated the adjectives in the title like these two

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