For Thrillist: Terrible Advice On ‘Survivor’ Preparation

If this strategy works out, I get 5% of your winnings

Time To Read: 10 mins | September 27, 2017


The muscle mass I lost after nearly 80 days of food deprivation clearly has no intention of ever returning, and to this day I’m stuck with backward eating habits and a too-sensitive digestive system. And please, for the love of all that is holy, if I ever come to your house for dinner, do not serve me coconut.

The full piece on Thrillist can be found here. I’m not liable should this advice completely backfire — but if it does work out, I require 5% of your winnings.


photo: i look like i smell terrible. taken during my brief stint on survivor: game changers 

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Malcolm Freberg
American writer living permanently on the road. Believes rye whiskey is superior to bourbon, Belle is the best Disney princess, and that selfie sticks should be snapped in half on sight. Hosted a travel documentary for AOL & played Survivor a few times.

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